Densified Microsilica (Silica Fume)

Densified Microsilica

ACC® construction used microsilica is a by-product of the manufacture of silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys, with SiO2 content ranging from 85% to 97%, bulk density 500 – 700kg/m3. They are classified as Grade 85D, Grade 90D, Grade 92D, and Grade 95D. It’s collected, and packed from silicon metal or ferrosilicon factories directly, the automatic and integrated production process guarantees the consistent quality.

Technical Datasheets

GradeSiO2ApplicationsReferenceProduct Details
G85D>85%for Construction Densified Silica Fume(Microsilica), SiO2 85% minLearn More
G90D>90%for Construction Densified Silica Fume(Microsilica), SiO2 90% minLearn More
G92D>92%for Construction Densified Silica Fume(Microsilica), SiO2 92% minLearn More
G95D>95%for Construction Densified Silica Fume(Microsilica), SiO2 95% minLearn More

For construction application

  • Improve compressive strength and bond strength.
  • Improve abrasion resistance.
  • Reduce permeability.
  • Prevent reinforcing steel from corrosion.


  • High Pozzolanic Activity Index.
  • High Compressive Strength.
  • Low Loss on Ignition, LOI.


  • Without blending, no impurity, the SiO2 content of each gram can be 100% guaranteed qualified.
  • Integrated production, including microsilica collection and package.
  • Already approved by many reputed laboratories.
  • Long-term stable supply with same source.


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