Undensified Microsilica (Silica Fume) Grade 85U

Undensified Microsilica (Silica Fume) SiO2 85% min

Undensified Microsilica with Minimum SiO2 Content 85%

  • Large specific surface area.
  • Strong absorbability.
  • High whiteness.
  • High purity.
  • Grade 85U is widely used in fertilizer application, with strong moisture absorbability, as anti-caking agent or pellet binding agent, etc.
SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide, Amorphous)85% min
SO31.0% max
Cl0.3% max, typical 0.033%
Free CaO1.0% max, typical 0.92%
pH> 6
Moisture3% max
LOI (Loss on Ignition)6% max, typical 3.23%
Specific surface (BET)18 m2/gram min
Bulk Density300-450 kg/m3
PAI (Pozzolanic Activity Index) – 7 days accelerated curing105% min
Retained on 45 micron sieve10% max, typical 1.08%
Fluidity> 18 cm


ACC® Microsilica Grade 85U conforms to the mandatory requirements of the relevant standards from:

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM C 1240).
  • European Committee for Standardisation.

Quality Control

ACC® Microsilica is certified according to ISO 9001.

The chemical composition and physical properties are regularly tested in accordance with international standards.


The product is supplied in a range of packaging:

  • 500kg double plastic woven jumbo bag.
  • 20/25kg woven bags with PE liner.
  • Special packaging can be supplied on request.


Once received, our team will get in touch with you soon.

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