White Microsilica (Zirconia Silica Fume) ZSF G96

White Microsilica (Zirconia Silica Fume) ZSF Grade 96

White Microsilica, SiO2>94%, ZrO2<2%

  • Good whiteness.
  • High purity and fluidity.
  • Excellent suspension performance.
  • Reinforcement.
SiO2+ZrO296% minASTM C1240
Fe2O30.5% maxASTM C1240
CaO+MgO1.0% maxASTM C1240
Al2O30.8% maxASTM C1240
C0.2% maxASTM C1240
K2O+Na2O0.8% maxASTM C1240
pH2.5-4.5ASTM C1240


  • In refractory materials.
  • In mortar and concrete Industry (white cement/concrete).
  • In advanced ceramics industries.
  • In wall materials and fill materials

Quality Standard

Tested by Elemental Analysis.


  • 500 kg/bag, 10 mt/20GP, 1 ton/pallet.
  • 25 kg/bag,12 mt/20GP, without pallet
  • Special packaging can be supplied on request.


Once received, our team will get in touch with you soon.

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