Naphthalene Sulfonate Superplasticizer

Naphthalene Sulfonate Superplasticizer

Standard High Efficiency Type Superplasticizer Series

This product is with sodium naphthalene formaldehyde condensation as the main body, with super plasticizing, efficient water reduction, early strength, enhancement and other characteristics, it can be used to prepare high strength concrete, flow concrete, impermeable concrete, steam raised concrete and so on.

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  • The product can meet the technical requirements of “High Efficiency Superplasticizer” in GB8076-2008.
  • The recommended dosage is 0.5-1.0% of the amount of cementite (solid). The user should determine the best dosage according to the specific technical performance requirements of the project and the working conditions through concrete trial mixing, and the water reduction rate can reach 14-24%. Other solid content products can be provided.
  • With the same slump and cement dosage, the 28-day compressive strength ratio is 120% higher.
  • With the same slump and strength, the amount of cement can be saved by 10-20%.
  • Under the same water-cement ratio, the slump of concrete can be increased by 100-150mm, which is used for preparing fluid concrete and pumping concrete. If adopt after admixture method the effect is better.
  • When used in the production of autoclaved concrete components to make the compressive strength ratio of autoclaved concrete greater than 120% or shorten the autoclaved time of 2-3 hours.


  • This product is widely used in all kinds of industrial and civil construction, such as water conservancy, municipal, port, traffic and other projects.
  • This product is suitable for the casting of foundation, beam, plate and column of high-rise buildings.
  • This product has good adaptability to Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag cement and other kinds of cement.

Technical Datasheets

SeriesProduct DescriptionDownload
ACSP-1 Naphthalene-based Superplasticizer (Brown Liquid)
ACSP-1P Naphthalene-based Superplasticizer (Brown Solid Powder)
ACSP-2P Naphthalene-based Superplasticizer (Brown Solid Powder)


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