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ACC has established AFIBER concrete fibers since 2009 and offers various fiber series based on different materials, production techniques, technical specifications, and applications. ACC not only can offer all kinds of concrete fibers but also focus on the research & supply of high-end concrete fibers with special applications. ACC not only can offer concrete fibers according to the specification and application requests from clients, but also provide construction solutions under any condition based on client’s application area.

AFIBER® Advantages

Synthetic Fibers


For synthetic fibers, ACC manufactures macrofibers, microfibers, and macro & micro fiber blends. The products are made of synthetic resins as raw materials and processed by special technology and surface treatment.

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Macro Synthetic Fiber

Macro Synthetic Fibers

Macro synthetic fibers are alternative products developed for steel fibers. They are of corrosion resistance, easy dispersion, and no damage to the mixing equipment.

Micro Synthetic Fiber

Micro Synthetic Fibers

ACC microfiber products include fibrillated PP fibers, monofilament PP fibers, PVA fibers, etc.

Macro and Micro Fiber Blends

Macro and Micro Fiber Blends

ACC offers kinds of microfiber & macrofiber blends used as alternatives to steel fibers in concrete reinforcement.


Steel Fibers

Hooked End Steel Fiber, Collated Hooked End Steel Fiber, Loose Mill Cut Steel Fiber Cut Sheet Steel Fiber


Using steel fibers can effectively prevent the expansion of microcracks, significantly improve the tensile strength, flexural strength, impact and fatigue resistance of concrete, and the concrete can have good ductility.

Steel fibers can be categorized by manufacturing process, shape, material, cross-section, etc. And there are many varieties based on the combination of the abovementioned and other characteristics, of which at least four must be certain to clarify a kind of steel fibers.


Cellulose Fibers

Cellulose Fibers


Cellulose fibers are a new type of concrete fibers developed after chemical synthetic fiber.



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