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FNG Water-proof Silica Gel

Silica gel manufacturer ACC offers FNG water-proof silica gel. The products are mainly used for drying in the air separating process.

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ColorWhite or light gray.
Available size2-5mm, 4-8mm.

It’s processed and formed from powders. Besides the adsorption feature possessed by ordinary silica gel, FNG silica gel also possess good water-resistent property, low break-down rate of reclamation and long service life, etc.

Mainly used for drying in the air separating process, the adsorption of acetylene in preparation of liquidified air and liquidified oxygen. It’s also used for drying compressed air and various industrial gases. In petrochemical industry, electric power industry, brewing industry and other industries, etc. It’s also used as liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier.

Storage and Packing

Silica gel is strong in moisture adsorption, therefore, it should be stored in dry places. Shelf racks should be put between the container and the floor. The available packing are steel drums, paper bags, cardboard boxes plastic bottles, polyethylene plastic compound bags and flexible jumbo bags, etc. Please refer to the categorized product descriptions for detailed packing specifications.

The products should be kept from rain, moisture, sunlight.


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