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ACC Silica Gel for Pressure Swing Adsorption


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Silica Gel for Pressure Swing Adsorption

Silica gel supplier ACC provides silica gel for pressure swing adsorption, with stable chemical properties, fast adsorption and desorption kinetics.

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Chemical molecular formulaSiO2.nH2O
ColorTransparent or translucent.
Available size1-3mm, 2-5mm.

With stable chemical properties, non-toxic and tasteless, fast adsorption and desorption.

Variable-pressure adsorption is a kind of new high-technology used for gas separation and purifying. Mainly used for the recovery, separation and purifying of carbon dioxide gas. It’s used for preparation of carbon dioxide in synthetic ammonia industry, food & beverage processing industry, etc. It may also be used for drying, moisture absorption as well as dewatering of organic products.

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Storage and Packing

Silica gel is strong in moisture adsorption, therefore, it should be stored in dry places. Shelf racks should be put between the container and the floor. The available packing are steel drums, paper bags, cardboard boxes plastic bottles, polyethylene plastic compound bags and flexible jumbo bags, etc. Please refer to the categorized product descriptions for detailed packing specifications.

The products should be kept from rain, moisture, sunlight.


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