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Indicating Silica Gel

ACC indicating silica gel in the form of spherical or irregularly shaped grains, color options including red, purple, orange or yellow. With SiO2 as the main ingredient, the product performs all the functions of blue silica gel, but also not contain cobalt chloride and is therefore innocuous and pollution-free, and its color varies as humidity changes.

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Mainly for drying and indicating humidity of precision instruments, medicine, petrol chemicals, foodstuff, clothing, feather, electric appliances, other industrial gases, etc.


Put proper amounts in a suitable container or package and set the container or package where drying or humidity indication is needed. This silica gel can be used independently or in combination with other types of silica gel. After changing color as a result of absorbing dampness, the silica gel can be reused after heating to change back to its pre-use color. Heating is most suitable between 100-120 ℃.

Storage and Packing

Silica gel is strong in moisture adsorption, therefore, it should be stored in dry places. Shelf racks should be put between the container and the floor. The available packing are steel drums, paper bags, cardboard boxes plastic bottles, polyethylene plastic compound bags and flexible jumbo bags, etc. Please refer to the categorized product descriptions for detailed packing specifications.

The products should be kept from rain, moisture, sunlight.


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