Densified Microsilica (Silica Fume) Grade 90D

Densified Microsilica SiO2 90% min
Densified Microsilica with Minimum SiO2 Content 90%
  • High Pozzolanic Activity Index.
  • High Compressive Strength.
  • Low Loss on Ignition, LOI.
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SiO2 (Amorphous)90% min
SO3typical 1.03%
Fe2O3typical 0.93%
Free CaOtypical 1.05%
Moisture3.0% max
LOI (Loss on Ignition)6.0% max, typical 2.10%
Specific Surface (BET)15 m2/gram min
Bulk Density500-700 kg/m3
Pozzolanic Activity Index – 7 days accelerated curing105% min
Retained on 45 Micron Sieve10% max
Variation from avg. retained on 45 Micron Sieve5% max

ACC® Microsilica Grade 90D conforms to the mandatory requirements of the relevant standards from:

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM C 1240).
  • European Committee for Standardisation.
Quality Control

ACC® Microsilica is certified according to ISO 9001.

The chemical composition and physical properties are regularly tested in accordance with international standards.


The product is supplied in a range of packaging:

  • 950/1000kg double plastic woven jumbo bag.
  • 20/25kg woven bags with PE liner.
  • 10/12/20kg water-degradable paper bag.
  • Special packaging can be supplied on request.


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